Mount Kenya’s ANNUAL Three Peaks – an event to raise funds for the expansion of the Mount Kenya Horse Patrol Team. The 2016 event raised almost KSh1.5million. Join us next year to reach new heights!

On April 2nd 2016 members of the Mount Kenya Trust (MKT) are going to be joined by the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) Mount Kenya National Park and Reserve’s Senior Warden and Chief Mountain Rescue Officer, and led by guides from African Ascents, in an attempt to summit the three peaks of Mount Kenya to raise funds for the Mount Kenya Horse Patrol Team.

The expedition starts at the world-renowned elephant underpass within the Mount Kenya Elephant Corridor, a project spearheaded by MKT and with key support from Kisima and Marania Farms. Here the team would meet with the HPT and begin the first day by walking up through the corridor, spending the evening at the HPT base on the northern edge of the Mount Kenya National Reserve. From here they would travel southwards climbing through the northern moorlands towards the peaks, with the HPT joining them for as far as is currently possible. Upon reaching steep-sided glacial valleys that surround the peaks, the team would meet up with African Ascents’ qualified mountain guides. Together the team would then summit Point Lenana (4,985m), the highest point reachable by foot. From here they would proceed onwards to begin the technical climb of the main peaks, first attempting Point Nelion (5,188m) and then proceeding onwards to the highest peak at Point Batian (5,199m). From here the team would descend via the Teleki Valley to the finish the expedition with a joint celebration at the KWS Naru Moro Park Headquarters.

The Mount Kenya Horse Patrol Team (HPT) was formed in late 2011 through a partnership between KWS and MKT, with key support and infrastructure donated from Kisima Farm. The team currently consists of five Community Wildlife Officers, employed locally from the farmlands bordering the protected area. These men ride a group of ten hardy Ethiopian ponies, which are well suited for high altitude conditions and rough terrain found on the mountain. The team currently operate in an area of northern moorlands that, before establishment of the HPT, was a hotspot of poaching and other illegal resource extraction. Since the HPT started to patrol this area, illegal activities within the area have reduced considerably – notably patrol data shows a 75 per cent decrease in poaching incidences between 2013 and 2015. The team also plays a key role in monitoring the elephants that use the area and seasonally migrate in and out of the reserve through the Mount Kenya Elephant Corridor.

100% of the funds raised will be used to expand the HPT and extend the area they can cover. Funds raised would be used to undertake the following:

  1. To construct further stable blocks at the HPT base to house the additional horses that have been offered to us, but that we cannot currently stable –GBP £1,500
  2. To employ four new Community Wildlife Officers for two years, boosting the number of personnel in HPT from five to nine – GBP £12,000
  3. To construct two satellite camps with stable blocks to act as outposts for both the HPT and KWS and MKT foot patrol teams, further expanding the range and effectiveness of these teams – GBP £5,000
  4. To equip the HPT with handheld radio units – GBP £1,500